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Live Stream Isbells & Wouter Dewit @CCHA

On the 26th of May Isbells and Wouter Dewit rehearsed and recorded a new song @CCHA. The project will be released later this year. It was a special atmosphere with this delicate song and numerous light bulbs litting up the stage. Instigated by Gaëtan Vandewoude with Wouter Dewit, Chantal Acda, Christophe Vandewoude, Gianni Marzo, Gerd Van Mulders, Niels Van Heertum, Beatrijs Declerck, Sonja Haering, filmed by Levi Lenaerts.

Isbells & Wouter Dewit @CCHA, (c) Birgit Stulens

Isbells & Wouter Dewit @CCHA (c) Birgit Stulens

Gaëtan Vandewoude, Beatrijs Declerck, Sonja Haering filmed by Levi Lenaerts (c) Birgit Stulens

Gaëtan Vandewoude, Chantal Acda, Niels Van Heertum, Gerd Van Mulders,  Levi Lenaerts (c) Birgit Stulens

Christophe Vandewoude, Wouter Dewit @CCHA (c) Birgit Stulens

Isbells Gaëtan Vandewoude @CCHA (c) Birgit Stulens

Isbells Gerd Van Mulders, Nies Van Heertum, Levi Lenaerts (c) Birgit Stulens

Isbells, Gianni Marzo @CCHA (c) Birgit Stulens

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