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Birgit Stulens (B)
°Hasselt 1970 
Lives and works in Belgium

Birgit studied Photography at the SASK Academy of Fine Arts Hasselt until 2001, and followed a summer workshop with Erwin Olaf at Flacc in 2001, and got her Specialisation Degree in 2009 with honorable mention.

In her photography, she is looking out for the unremarkable, the pattern, the recurrent. It’s the interest for contrast and dualism that shapes her work.  A subject evolves into abstraction, as if the image becomes a painting, and the silence is found.

 Concepts of time, repetition, freezing a moment, subtle differences in light and shadow attract her attention. The awareness of being close to nature and of our limited time in this world has turned her eye to vulnerable and futile themes.

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